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Open any file directly from Trello without uploading, downloading or file sharing.
Link Your File is a macOS/ Windows extension that allows you to open any file or folder by clicking on a web link and pointing to the original file or folder on your computer.
How to link Notion, Asana, Basecamp, Google Docs, to files like Photoshop, PDF, Windows Explorer or macOS Finder
Create weblinks from macos finder or windows explorer
Create a link - no upload needed
Locate the file you want to store on your document and right click to create a link for it.
link your files in Trello
Paste the link
Paste it to your card in Trello.
Click the link - your app opens
No download, no zipping. The macOS/ Windows extension simply opens the file.

How it works

Only 5 steps to enable local file links

Install the plugin

Download and install Link your File like any other desktop application.

Access through right click

Find the file or folder you want to keep track of, and right click to access “link your file”

Paste on app

Paste it in any Trello card in your board.

Click the link

Now whenever you want to get back to your file, you just click the link!

App launches

The application connected to that file will automatically open for you!

Create a weblink from Windows Exlorer or macOS finder

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